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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cutting my teeth

     To keep a long story short, I'm starting a blog. It's going to be about all kinds of stuff, but the main point of this is going to be to review games. I've always wanted to try to get my opinions out there when it comes to the gaming industry, and now really seems to be a good time to start as game prices continue to rise and ridiculous "Collector's Editions" are everywhere. Basically, I buy games pretty frequently and I figure it would be worthwhile to share my opinions on my purchases with other consumers without the oversight of moderators and other assorted assclowns.
     So that's it, I'm going to buy some new releases and talk about them in-depth. If they're worth the price tag I'll make damn sure anybody who reads this knows it. I don't have a rubric in place for my reviews (numerical scores can be highly problematic) so I'm probably going to try my first few reviews with this A-F grading system:
A+: Easily worth the full retail price or more, most likely a "game of the year" contender.
A: A great game that's worth buying, an A needs to shine even within its genre.
B: A good game, but just has one or two minor flaws that bring it down a bit.
C: A decent game, has its merits as a title but doesn't stand apart from it's competition.
D: A mediocre-to-bad game, you can probably get some fun out of it. Just don't expect to get your dollar's worth.
F: An awful game, completely without redeeming qualities.Probably a buggy, broken mess or an obvious beta.
     That's how I'm thinking of going about this. I can imagine that the A+ and F will be used sparingly, but don't expect the "anything less than a B is bad" sort of system. A C can still be an entertaining and worthwhile game in it's own right. I hate that style of reviewing with a passion, it dismisses solid titles as completely forgettable simply because they don't fit some reviewers numerical rubric. Forget that nonsense, letters get the point across without the tedium of arbitrary decimals with flimsy justification.
     My first couple of reviews should be out within a week at the latest. I've already selected a few titles, particularly from the early line-up of Nintendo 3DS games. Expect reviews of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Dead or Alive Dimensions, and Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D.

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